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Core Keeper Map Tool

The Core Keeper Map Tool is a web based map viewer that overlays important information.

You can check it out here.
There is also a development version available.

Image of the project website
Image of the project website

Basic Features

  • POI Circles
  • Maze Finder
  • Tile Highlighting

The Tools Past

The tool was originally created by Craigins with the help of Mz and nineforty.

Mz was the one that figured out how the map files actually work and how to load the mapparts. Craigins then created the map tool to highlight potential POIs where for example bosses could spawn. He later added more features like the Maze Finder, that highlights empty areas in the map, where a maze could spawn. nineforty's help is sadly not known.

After a change to the game, Craigins decided to leave the community and removed access to the tool.

Craigins had the source code to the tool on GitHub and under the MIT license, so I decided to rehost it and potentially make improvements.


This changelog is for my revamped releases. So the version 1.0 is the first release of my revamp, which means version 0 is craigins' original.

Version 1.0

General Changes

  • Completely revamped design
  • Made dark mode usable
  • Restructuring of all available features for ease of use
  • Sliders for all transparencies (Biome, Tile, Circles)
  • Frequently asked Questions (FAQ) Section
  • Credits Section
  • Center Map button. In case scrolling messes up again
  • Cookies and Google Analytics
  • Legend

Map Monitor

  • Load and monitor map combined into one button
  • Info if file monitoring is unavailable

Pre-Spawned Locations

  • Made every POI selectable by itself
  • Grouped POIs more efficiently
  • Every POI now has it's color on the button (makes legend unnecessary)

Biome Highlighting

  • Limited biome rotation based on available data
  • Made Outer Biomes visible
  • Manual Biome Rotation (overrides limit)

Version 1.1

Currently unreleased and not finished.
Some features are already available in the development version.

General Changes

  • Moved dark mode into one line
  • Moved links into collapsable "About" section
  • Switched to fully revealed map with desert
  • Added wiki / guide links to selected features
  • Credits from the top of the page

About Section

  • Moved cookies into about section
  • Made "Support" link more specific
  • Link to development version

Load Map Section

  • Reordered buttons to be more user friendly
  • Center Map Button now centers into actually visible area

Pre-Spawned Locations

  • Crop to Biome option. Crops the biome circle to the biome that the POI is in

Biome Highlighting

  • Moved section to "Pre-Spawned Locations"

Dynamic Features

  • Renamed section to "Dynamic Features" (blank before)
  • Split "Maze Holes" into three buttons for each maze hole size
  • Medium Maze now searches in the wilderness as well (configurable depth)
  • Search functionality for the "eye scene" in the desert
  • Tooltip for the "Chunk Grid" and "Mob Grid"
  • Placeable player position marker

Tile Highlighting

  • Custom color to highlight
  • Color Picker to select the custom highlight color