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Planet Zoo Search

Planet Zoo Search is a little application to filter and search for specific biome / continent / habitat combinations.

You can check it out here.

Image of the project website
Image of the project website

Basic Features

  • Filter animals by biome
  • Filter animals by continent
  • Filter animals by habitat
  • View habitat requirements for each animal

Idea for the project

When playing the game, I wanted to more easily figure out what types of animals were available in a continent / biome I chose.

Because it was kind of clunky in-game, I felt like writing a small tool for it. I had been eyeing Vue for a while but never knew what project I wanted to make with it, so this was the perfect opportunity to finally try it out.

Only problem I saw with Vue and other node frameworks was the requirement of having it run as a process. My hoster luckily allows the auto deployment via github + webhooks and the execution of node applications. So using a js framework only added some initial overhead to the project.